Social media is all about conversation


Think of social media as a party. Where you are a brand and people are trying to have a conversation with you. What do you do, you can be polite, informative even funny at times. Similarly you can do the same with your social media community. Engage with them, give them information as and when they want it and of course be polite. You can set your own style of tone as per your brands personality. But do learn to engage with your audience. I see a lot of times pages which are advertising do not reply to their community or their inbox queries. It is disheartening to see this. What’s the purpose of building a community if you are not going to engage with your audience.  If you are not going to engage with your audience you will not only lose out on your potential customer base but your community will not take you seriously and move on to similar brand that cares to converse. So do remember social media is all about conversation.

What do you do?

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