As the name suggests, Baahir, meaning Outdoors in Urdu, offers a complete garden one stop shop solution, which until their inception, was not available in Pakistan. The brainchild of three entrepreneurs Fawad Ali, Hasham Baber and Sajad Kiyani, Baahir was formed in May 2004 as their response to the dearth of quality products and ideas despite the popularity and love for the outdoors in Pakistan. Today, with over seven years of experience and a diverse range of quality products, Baahir products are available in leading cities such as Islamabad, Lahore, Karachi and Peshawar with their own standalone stores complete with after-sales customer care.

The name Baahir itself was conceived by partner Hasham Baber, a Pushto poet. The key vision of the three entrepreneurs is to continue to make the outdoors is to continue to make the outdoors a desirable and enjoyable experience by focusing on climate control and leisure.

Baahir first launched with one product only, the patio heater, which transformed the outdoor living and catering environment during winter across Pakistan. The success of the heaters propelled the company to introduce the next climate control line, the misting system, in 2005 which has been adopted in misting fans. Today, the misting system has surpassed patio heaters in terms of volume and adoption as a lifestyle product for both commercial and non-commercial uses. With its continued success, the brand then added a series of categories to its portfolio such as fountains, wooden & bamboo products, barbecue’s, solar Lights, umbrellas & gazebos.

In 2011, Baahir celebrated two major achievements; the first being the introduction of rattan furniture manufacturing here in Pakistan, retaining and in fact enhancing their reputation for superior quality manufacturing, but at more accessible prices. The second was the signing of a distribution contract with Sunbrella, the world renowned leader in outdoor fabric, thereby ensuring the consistency of comfort and style in outdoor upholstery.
For the summer of 2012, using the misting technology, Baahir will also be introducing a much needed anti-mosquito/dengue system in Lahore.

In addition to their stand alone outlets, Baahir also follow a regular exhibition model and to this end, will be holding a series of exhibitions across Pakistan’s major cities in 2012.

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