How We Make Brands Viral – Uzma’s Bridal Salon

Our relationship with Uzma’s Bridal Salon started back in 2011. The salon was in search of a social media agency, based in Lahore that would enable it to reach out to a wider audience. This could only be done with an effective social media strategy. Hence, Entirely Social came into play.

Having worked with a variety of brands, at the time, such as Elan, Ayesha Khurram, Karma and Mahin Erum, Entirely Social had marked its presence as a go-to social media agency in Lahore. Its reputation is what led Uzma’s Bridal Salon to hire Entirely Social.

Entirely Social’s strategies highlighted Uzma’s Bridal Salon’s capabilities via high-impact graphics. In addition to this, the social media agency devised a targeted approach for their advertisement plan that boosted their social media presence. Thus, Uzma’s Bridal Salon is now recognized as one of the prominent, go-to, bridal salons in Pakistan due to their hard work and a game-changing social media strategy.

Today, their Facebook Page has more than 275,000 Likes, a weekly organic post reach of more than 36,000 and post engagement of 8,925. Due to Entirely Social’s efforts, Uzma’s Bridal Salon has come to be known as one of the top 20 Facebook pages, in Pakistan.

In addition to Uzma’s Bridal Salon, Entirely Social is also working with other salons such as Amina Raja’s Makeup Lounge. In the past, Entirely Social has worked with salons such as Arammish, Flair and Madeeha’s Bridal Salon.

If you’re a beauty salon, spa or someone looking for an experienced social media agency to collaborate with, you can contact us here.

Uzma’s Sunday Times Magazine Ad
        Uzma’s Campaign Graphics
Cover Image Design 1
Cover Image Design 2

Uzma’s Signature Makeup Video


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