How We Make Brands Viral- Amina Raja Makeup Lounge

Videos are likely to generate 3 to 5 times more views, on social media platforms (such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr and YouTube) than written content or graphics. Such content is shareable, attractive and is far more likely to go viral, too.

Entirely Social, knowing this was the kind of content that would appeal to a wide audience, produced a teaser video for its client, Amina Raja Makeup Video. The purpose of the video entitled, Professional Makeup Artistry Course, was to give viewers a glimpse of what the makeup course entailed.

This video has gone viral within merely 24 hours. It has reached6,700 people, attracted 2,300 views and 76 reactions. Additionally,our client received more than 30 inquiries, regarding its professional makeup courses as well.

Want to have a look at the viral video entitled Professional Makeup Artistry Course? Play the video above.

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