Entirely Social and OLX’s Uncle Aslam Ki Kahani

Entirely Social played a crucial part in creating a backstory for the popular characters of Uncle Aslam, Babloo and the news-hungry reporter who needed to improve his ratings, Ali Sikander.

As a social media agency, based in Lahore, we thought to give these characters a comic spin-off so OLX fans could understand the demise of Uncle Aslam and the role that the tech-savvy Babloo played in introducing him to the world of OLX.

Thus we came up with a funky poster to keep OLX fans, in Pakistan, hooked to Uncle Aslam ki kahani and a humorous script that people could relate to. Furthermore, the graphics were prepared by our graphic designer who designed a simple design that was easy on the eyes and captivating for users.

The backstory was uploaded on various social media platforms (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google Plus) and attracted a large audience from Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad and other parts of the country.Many stayed tuned to these platforms and read our scripts, for Uncle Aslam Ki Kahani, with smiles on their faces because the comics were both, engaging and educative.

Our social media graphs skyrocketed as a large number of people did read, “Share”, “Like”, “Pin” and retweet Uncle Aslam’s backstory.

Creating Uncle Aslam’s backstory was exciting, a wonderful journey and a great experience for our team which knows how to breathe life into the work it does for clients.

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